Meetings and minutes

This plan is our community’s opportunity to shape and guide development that will take place in our area and make sure that it is appropriate to our needs and aspirations. We can have a real say in where it goes and how it looks!

Notes of First Meeting: 25th May 2016

Minutes of KNPG 2nd meeting

KNPG meeting 27th September

John Knight: community engagement notes 27th September

Keele Parish Council Presentation notes John Knight

KNPG meeting 12th October

Comments from visitors to Consultation Events

KNPG minutes 15th December

KPNG minutes 10th Jan

KNPG minutes 24th Jan

KNPG minutes 21st February 2017

KNPG minutes April 11th 2017

KNPG Outcomes May 11th 2017

Outcomes of Keele Neighbourhood Plan Group 10th Jan


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