Countryside and Environment

Development in Keele should enhance and not detract from the semi-rural environment of the parish.  It is also important that any development is sustainable, not only environmentally, but also economically and socially.


To preserve or enhance the landscape character of Keele and the landscape setting and separation of the historic village centre

Rationale and Evidence

  • National policy and guidance
  • Local Plan policies.
  • Landscape designations.
  • Risk of settlements merging.
  • Selection of LGS

KCE1: Rural and Natural Environment

  1. Development must preserve or enhance and have no adverse impact on Keele’s natural environment, including ecology and wildlife habitats. Development must achieve biodiversity net gain.


  1. Development must preserve or enhance and have no adverse impact on Keele’s rural landscape character and historic field patterns.


  1. Any impacts on the natural environment or rural landscape character must be balanced through environmental gains in the development itself, such as high-quality landscape design including local species, green building design and measures to support wildlife.


  1. Trees, woodlands, hedges and drystone walls must be retained within any development site.


  1. Where pre-emptive action is taken to remove unprotected trees, hedges or drystone walls, reinstatement will be expected as part of any development of the site.


  1. Development must preserve or enhance water features and their setting, including lakes and watercourses.

KCE2: Woodlands and Habitats

In the application of Policy KCE1, particular regard should be paid to impacts on:

  • Dunge Wood,
  • Haying Wood,
  • Hollywood,
  • Red Heath Plantation,
  • Barkers Wood,
  • Bear’s Rough
  • Church Plantation,
  • Birch Wood,
  • Werburghs Wood
  • Woodlands within the Keele Historic Woodpasture and Parkland conservation area

KCE3: Landscape Setting

Development must preserve and not compromise the open landscape setting of Keele Village, including the green gaps separating surrounding settlements (see Plan **).

KCE4: Local Green Space and Special Policy Areas

The following spaces are designated as Local Green Space:

 LGS1: Hawthorns Green, in front of Hawthorns House.

LGS2: University Green, Keele Road

 Special Policy Areas

SPA3: Field adjacent to Keele Road and A525

SPA4: Field adjacent to Station Road and A525: the Narley

 Development must not encroach onto Local Green Space. An exception may be made where development meets all of the following:


  • It is very small-scale;
  • It is directly related to the community use and value of the space;
  • It would not compromise the open or green character of the space.

 Development in close proximity to Local Green Space must have no significant adverse impact on the community value, safety, amenity, or accessibility of the space.


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