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This plan is our community’s opportunity to shape and guide development that will take place in our area and make sure that it is appropriate to our needs and aspirations. Keele’s heritage and local environment are its defining assets, and local residents are proud and protective of those features that give the parish its sense of place and identity.  With this plan we can have a real say in Keele’s future development – where it goes and how it looks!

Mission: To consult residents and employers within Keele Parish and develop a neighbourhood plan for the future development of Keele Parish that reflects current and future needs.

Vision: Keele’s unique character and heritage is retained and planned development maintains the rural character and economy of the parish

Involving the Community
Making it happen
Creating a delightful place to live, work and learn
Supporting the rural economy

Developing Policy

Over the last few months we have been working on draft policy documents which are now available on the policy section of this website.


The Parish Council/ Neighbourhood Plan comments on the Golf Course had some impact and were read by both Officers and Members.  One of the results has been consultation meetings between the Borough and both Keele and Silverdale Parish Councils.  In it’s capacity as the owner of the Golf Course, the Borough have employed consultants to work up a Masterplan for what is currently being called the ‘University Growth Corridor’.  Plans are currently under development but the Borough has suggested that they will go to public consultation in September.

With regard to the wider JLP, it is unclear whether this is running to time table.  If it were, the next phase of consultation on a draft plan would be in November/ December

Joint Local Plan Preferred Options Page (click here)

Find a summary of the Parish Council’s developing view here:


Consultation Event 24th January

The Neighbourhood Plan options event on the 24th was well attended, we will be posting a summary of the comments in the next week.  You can see the posters here.

There was a great deal of interest in the Joint Local Plan Preferred Options draft suggestions.  The consultation on this is from the 1st February to 1st March.  We urge all residents to respond to the document.  Once the consultation is live we will link directly to it here but for the moment, here is the link to the JLP page on Newcastle’s website.


Options Consultation events:

Our newsletter of December told residents about the policy options we have been developing.  We will be holding two drop-in events to find out which of the options you think should be developed into policies.  There will also be information on Newcastle/ Stoke’s Joint Local Plan draft prefered options consultation.

Wednesday 24th January 3 to 7 pm at Keele Village Hall
Tuesday 30th November 7 pm at Keele University Students’ Union

Please come along and let us know your thoughts.

Provisional Policy Development Areas

Housing: based upon the Housing Needs Assessment, community consultation, the university’s developing master-plan and the developing Joint Local Plan.
Transport: parking and road safety remain major concerns. A close link with the developing university masterplan and a promised holistic review of parking issues in Keele by Staffordshire County Council will be key in developing this policy.
Heritage and Characterbased on our Hertiage and Character assessment
Facilities: facilities such as the pub, St Johns, shop and the village hall are significant assets. The policy will be concerned to ensure their sustainability as well as considering further facilities such as a village green.  The University also provides a wide range of facilities which will be considered in policy development
Business: Links with the university and the university’s master plan, the rural economy and supporting SME’s will all form an important part of this policy.
Environment: conserving the character, distinctiveness and heritage of the parish in a rapidly changing world.

We now have our first draft of our policy options documents which set out our aims and objectives and possible policy areas.  The Keele Neighbourhood Plan Group will meet to discuss these in the next few week.  We are also producing a newsletter setting out the policy options which will be followed by a community consultation event in early December. The first drafts are available to view by clicking the links above.

Please do let us have your thoughts and ideas on the progress so far!

Student Questionnaire

At the end of the 2016/17 academic year, a survey of Keele students was conducted in order to feed into the broader neighbourhood plan process. Due to the transient nature of the student population, it was decided that a quantitative rather than qualitative approach would be the best method of establishing what students thought. As you might expect the ages of those who completed the survey were mainly 18-24 with some 25-34.

The first question asked ‘What THREE things do you like most about living in Keele Parish?’

Three most commonly used words were

  • Green
  • Quiet
  • Nature
  • Scenery
  • A sense of community

When asked ‘What THREE things do you like least about living in Keele Parish?’

 Three most common issues were

  • Lack of shops
  • Poor parking
  • Transport

Most students had no major concerns about the Keele Parish however issues of parking and the quality of public transport were a significant minority of the answers.

When asked ‘What opportunities do you see for Keele Parish the future? What sort of developments would you like to see?’ The major suggestions were:

  • Shops
  • Sustainability
  • Maintaining heritage and green feeling

The single biggest suggestion around how to improve quality of life in Keele was improved public transport. Students consider it to be very important but not very good at all.

Housing Needs Survey:

The final version of our Housing Needs Assessment by AECOM are now available and will provide important evidence to support the development of housing policy.  They have been shared with the Borough Planning Department and it is hoped to hold discussions with them in the near future.  A copy of the report can be found here (MS Word format):



Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me regarding the attached results. I would note that our question on housing assumed that additional houses would be built in the parish and could be seen as a leading. This was discussed in the design phase of the questionnaire and it was decided to include a question on what sort of housing residents would like to see developed as the Neighbourhood Plan exists to guide development and cannot prevent it. Nevertheless some respondents did note they wanted no further houses or only limited development as we anticipated. To remind us all, the lower ceiling for development lies outside our control and sits with the Borough and its developing Joint Local Plan. We can influence what is built and where.

Q1 like

Copy of the residents’ questionnaire

Analysis of results from residents questionnaire