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Comments from the Community Consultation Events

Our first consultation events in November 2016 produced the following written comments which have formed the basis of our Questionnaire to residents.

Comment transcript

Participants were invited to write comments on what worried them about Keele’s future development and what visions they had for that development.  Whilst not all participants wrote comments, those who did represented the flavour of conversations with residents in general


Keele community becoming an executive enclave

Increased road traffic in the village

From Keele itself and Madeley

Use of Keele as a short cut to Three Mile Lane

That we may lose green belt area and thus affect the village
Parking is a major issue already, small lanes are congested
Litter: students leaving litter is a danger to wildlife and pets
That the village could be overwhelmed by new housing and lose its character

Over development

Too much housing

Loss of amenity

Loss of greenspace

Future of the Golf Course: leave as green space for recreation

There is a danger of “urban spread” as N-U-L extends outwards.  This applies to the A525 and B5044/ Pepper Street.

I am worried that Keele will lose its rural character and be joined to Newcastle by swathes of new development in the green belt.

I am concerned that over development would result in an increase in traffic.  This has already occurred on Pepper Street due to the development of new homes just down the road in Silverdale. The road is very busy/fast during rush hour.

I am worried about over-development and being swallowed by Newcastle/ Silverdale. I am also concerned about the ensuing traffic chaos in and out of Newcastle down Keel Bank.


A small development off Hollywood Lane might help to avoid Pepper Street becoming more isolated from the rest of the village centre.  Keele should aim for a mixed population not dominated by executives and academics as a dormitory village.

Improve the visibility when exciting from Quarry Bank Road

Limited new build housing imaginatively designed, starter and affordable homes

Preservation of green space at all costs

The village to retain its beauty and wildlife, the green belt is continued and protected from encroaching housing.
Keep the community as it is and not become an extension to Newcastle, Keep its distinctive character.

I am positive about the idea of local affordable/ starter homes and developing greater community links and facilities.  I would like to see something like the Madeley centre in Keele.

I would like to see the village have better community facilities to allow local residents to come together more often.

I would like to see any houses which are built developed in small groups of new homes scattered around the village centre which would be better than large scale developments.

I would like to see some sheltered accommodation developed on the Hawthorns site.

Develop a strategy to deal with the shortage of parking in the village which is made worse by the use of the village by worker and students at the university.

Control the speed of traffic in the village and resolve parking issues.

Redevelop junction between Village/ Station Road and the A525 bypass as poor visibility results in accidents

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