Golf Course Development: Keele Growth Corridor

The plans of Newcastle Borough Council to build houses on the Golf Course have significant implications for our Neighbourhood Plan with respect to the housing, transport and environment sections in particular.

The Sentinel and Signal Radio have both published articles about the Borough Councils plans for the Golf Course as part of the ‘Keele Growth Corridor’ formerly known as the ‘Western Urban Extension’.  The Plans are proposing 1000 houses on the Golf Course and with 200 more  on land off Park Road, Silverdale together with a expansion of the University with a second development site next to the current site plus other developments within the Campus.  Keele Parish Council have worked with Newcastle in the run up to the release of these plans but do not support the Masterplan in its current form.  We broadly support the proposed development at the University but cannot support the plans to build this number of houses.  No work has been done within the plan on developing the necessary transport infra-structure, supporting existing businesses nor on the environmental impact.  The Parish Council continue to work with the Borough and would hope that the scheme will be amended.  If not, the Parish Council will vigorously oppose it should it go forward to inspection as part of a Local Plan.


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